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Our Story

Meet Apple Juice Water. He is my son's favorite stuffed animal.

I bought this little $9.99, lavender-filled microwaveable pup from a drugstore years before I even thought of having a child. But when my son was around 2, he found his "puppy" in an old box and claimed him as his own. When I asked him what his new doggy's name was, he excitedly replied, "Apple Juice Water!"

My son knew the name "Apple Juice Water" so well because his parents regularly mixed in water with his apple juice in order to cut down on his sugar intake. We all, as parents, make little choices like that every day for our children. And much like we mix water with apple juice to make it healthier, Apple Juice Water Books mixes simplicity into the complex issues that our kids will face every day as they go out into the world. 

We aim to inspire a generation of world-changers by promoting kindness, inclusion, sustainability, science, and equality.

We hope you and your child will love our books and they will inspire meaningful conversations in your family.


Sarah H. Eichenberger, CEO

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